Trueman Catering
745 Elm Street
Winnetka, Illinois 60093
(847) 386-6240
M - F: 10:30 am - 6 pm
TRUE TALE storypainting
Trueman was founded on a dream out of a small kitchen in John Trueman’s home over 8 years ago. Think Steve Jobs, but of catering. Because John is neither classically trained in food nor in the standard practices of old-school catering, Trueman brings a fresh perspective, high quality service, and most importantly, FUN to every event.
Trueman caters anything and everything though specializes in rockin’ fun events. Causal and formal. 10 to 10,000. Fun and More Fun. Stop serving cold, dried out chicken and have Trueman cater your next event.



Located at 745 Elm Street, Winnetka, the Store is the epicenter of all things Trueman. Stop in and grab one of the many salads and sandwiches made each day for lunch. Make your life easier and serve your family a healthy dinner they will love from lots of options that are available each day.  Grab a complete meal or mix-n-match a la carte items to assemble the right meal for you. Sit down at the table in front and we can plan your next party. Chances are that if it is after 5 PM, we will probably have a glass of wine in our hand and one ready for you.


ARE WE A FIT?peasinpodsized
Q:  Is a small, personalized, incredibly Fun caterer a better fit for you than an old-school, oversized, pretentious one?
A:  Then we should talk!
Q:  Do you believe that FUN should be one of the main ingredients at your event?
A:  Us too!
Q:  Do you exhibit signs of passive aggressive and/or controlling behaviors?
A:  Hmmm, ever hear of  They’re great!
Q:  Do you like to enjoy an adult beverage during the party planning process?
A:  We’ve got a glass waiting for you!
Q:  Do you like to relax and enjoy your own party knowing that it is going to be a huge success!
A:  That is the only way it should be!